The annual Easter egg hunt is over. All of the eggs have been dipped and dyed. Your brunch has been devoured. And still, Easter Sunday isn’t over just yet. While you can always throw together another party game, there’s a good chance that you’d rather do something a little more low-key after a day of festive fun (and one too many chocolate eggs). In that case, kick back, relax and cozy up with your loved ones while watching one of these family-friendly Easter movies on Netflix.

There’s a movie for every mood, whether you want to learn, laugh, cry or a combination of all three. Find animated movies that bring talking bunnies to life, inspiring musicals that’ll have you wanting to dig deeper into your faith and historical dramas that explore the holiday’s religious significance. If you go with a faith-based flick, be sure to use them as a teaching moment — or perhaps, a welcome reminder — for young and old, so you can finish your day with a better understanding of the true meaning of the holiday.

Now, you know what to do: Gather your snacks (ahem, your remaining Easter candy), grab a spot on the couch and press play!

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Peter Rabbit 2

Peter Rabbit returns and as usual, he’s shaking things up — intentionally or otherwise. This time around, he escaped Thomas and Bea’s garden for a city adventure, but sure enough, he finds himself in a sticky situation and calls on his friends for help. (FYI: Watch the first movie on Amazon Prime to learn more about Peter’s ways.)


Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was by Jesus’ side every step of the way. See the incredible story of faith and sacrifice through her eyes, everything from the crucifixion to the burial to the resurrection of Jesus.


The Shack

Easter is a time for deep reflection and The Shack will inspire exactly that. After suffering an unspeakable tragedy, Mack Phillips (played by Sam Worthington) spirals down a path of self-destruction and begins to question everything — including his faith. At the crossroads of life and death, he receives an invitation to visit an abandoned shack in the woods, where he meets a trio of truth-tellers who change his life forever.


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Young Messiah

The Young Messiah takes us on an awe-inspiring journey from Egypt to Nazareth. During his travels, seven-year-old Jesus (played by Adam Greaves-Neal) heals everyone he comes across— a young boy, dead bird, sick uncle and so on — prompting threats and questioning from King Herod. Ultimately, this leads him to discover his truth: he is the son of God with a plan set before him.


A Week Away

Here’s a fun musical that the whole family — especially kids — will enjoy. Much to his dismay, Will Hawkins (played by Kevin Quinn) agrees to spend a week at a Christian summer camp to help get his life back on track. Although he has his reservations at first, he eventually opens his heart to new people, blossoming love and a renewed faith.



Instead of telling the story from Jesus’ days, this movie takes you back in time to Portugal in 1917 when three children reported having apparitions of the Virgin Mary. As word spreads, thousands flock to the place of the sighting, called the “Miracle of the Sun,” despite the church’s disapproval.



This sweet live-action/animated film (starring Russell Brand as the voice of E.B., the son of the retiring Easter Bunny) is full of springtime shenanigans that critics say both parents and kids will enjoy.


Come Sunday

This 2018 Netflix original follows the true story of minister Carlton Pearson (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor), who was excommunicated from his church for his belief in universal reconciliation. Even more reason to watch: It’s got a star-studded cast (think: Jason Segel, Donald Glover and Martin Sheen) and was an official selection at Sundance.


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Monty Python’s Life of Brian

This classic (albeit controversial) comedy tells the story of Brian Cohen (played by Graham Chapman), a young Jewish-Roman man who is mistaken for Jesus. Although it’s less faith-based and more satirical, it’ll have your whole family laughing ’til all the chocolate eggs are gone.


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