Master this basic glacé icing recipe to decorate fairy cakes, biscuits and more with beautiful colours and incredible flavours!

This simple glacé icing recipe from the experts on the Good Housekeeping Cookery team will have you piping glossy decorations onto your bakes in no time. Watch this video until the end to learn how to make glacé icing, ideal for adding a smooth sheen to all your bakes in a matter of minutes. Glacé icing sets hard which makes it really easy to use for decorating cakes and biscuits. You can also jazz this glacé icing recipe up by adding some food colouring or flavouring, like orange or lemon, or even topping it with smaller cake decorations like hundreds and thousands.

This glacé icing recipe is perfect for any novice baker as it’s one of the easiest types of icing decorations to make and use. Once you’ve learned how to make glacé icing you can move onto more challenging icings like buttercream or royal icing. Give this simple glacé recipe a go and let us know how you get on in the comments!

To make 225g (8oz), enough to cover 18 fairy cakes, you will need:

225g (8oz) icing sugar
A few drops of vanilla or almond flavouring (optional)
2-3tbsp boiling water
Food colouring (optional)

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