Expert sewing blogger and pattern designer, Gretchen Hirsch, teaches you everything you need to know to start creating your own clothes in this beginner’s gathered skirt-making tutorial to fit any age and size. In this class, she shares her easy technique for making your own pattern that’s completely customized to your body. Learn how to trace the pattern, cut out fabric, sew a basic hem, make a waistband, gather the fabric, add a zipper, and much more! Bonus: This one skirt takes on different looks depending on which type of fabric you choose.

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  1. I was sewing today while your video came on. So I listened to your lovely voice while I sewed. It dawned on me that when we are teaching, we are our true selves.
    On another note, I used to sew over my pins. I wore contact lenses, hard ones at the time. I remember that a needle hit the pin and broke and I felt it in my eye. When I went to my Ophthalmologist a little while later, he said, "You have an odd indent on one of your contacts. Looks like a ricochet." I told him, that I felt a needle break. My contacts protected me. So it's wise to pull the needles out. I don't sew over them anymore. Also, I realized after years of sewing, that when you use the method of sewing a double basting stitch, first on the 5/8 inch seam allowance and then within the seam, that when you sew the garment to the waistband, if you sew right on the 5/8 in. seam allowance line, you won't get any puckers or folds over. When you come across one, you can move it. I find it most successful. But I like your method. People will always find their favourite way. Love you hair, it's so vibrant, and your flowers.

  2. I've always added 1/2" to patterns I make. Ones I buy I sew 5/8". It is fine to cut an 1'8 or so away to be sure to leave the line on and cut off when cutting the fabric.

  3. This is a brilliant piece of work. So simple and clear instructions. Surely l really stated on right through the whole session. I followed this step by step. I did not realise my patience to watch this for such a long time. It was worth it anyway.

  4. This is exactly what I was looking for a home economics teacher online. Your amazing I would love to have additional instructional videos from this Maker. She's amazing

  5. Learned sooo much. Some of the things I knew already being a intermediate sewer,but many things I learned watching this to hone & polish my skills. I’m going to make this exact skirt now. Keep these type of videos coming, you’re helping alot of people,very precise, detailed and well taught, plus your sweet personality ty.👍🏽❤️❤️❤️


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