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A PRO cleaner has revealed two common cleaning mistakes you may be making – which could be leaving behind dirt.

The expert warns that both of these blunders can mean you’re not cleaning as well as you think you are, and they may even lead to extra scrubbing.


A cleaning expert has shared the two biggest mistakes she sees people makingCredit: Instagram
One of them involves the amount of scrubbing you're doing


One of them involves the amount of scrubbing you’re doingCredit: TikTok

TikTok user @cleanmyspace shared the two common two mistakes on her page.

One of the biggest mistakes she sees people make when they’re cleaning is not letting their products sit or dwell for a period of time.

The cleaning expert explained that the product has to sit and do the heavy lifting for you.

The second mistake people are guilty of is not checking to see if a cleaning product has done its job before they start rinsing it off.

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Demonstrating, the professional cleaner used Dawn Powerwash to clean a very dirty fridge shelf.

After scrubbing the shelf, she let it sit for a couple of minutes. She then used her finger to check if there were any areas that were still sticky so she could tackle them again before rinsing.

Doing this will save you time, product, and water.

People flooded the comments section of the woman’s video with relatable jokes that highlight the struggles of cleaning, many mirroring the same sentiment.

“I let my product sit forever because I hate cleaning and just give up,” one wrote.

“And then there’s me. I walk away and forget, and come back to the product evaporated like it was never there,” another quipped.

“I wish things worked instantly because I get distracted and forget that I was cleaning,” added a third.

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