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CLEANING up a house for a guest visit doesn’t have to take up all of your day, expert organizers have revealed.

Efficiently using your time, helping your children clean up their mess and making sure to get rid of those foul odors can really make a difference in a cleaning routine.


This small basket of cleaning supplies can help get your house looking sparkly clean in 30 minutesCredit: Getty Images

Experts, who spoke to the Washington Post, would recommend cleaning up the high traffic areas first.

Spaces like the bathroom, living room and kitchen are parts of your house your guest would visit.

Make sure those spaces are clean and forget about the rest.

Tricia Holderman, who is the author of Germinator: The Germ Girl’s Guide to Simple Solutions in a Germ-Filled World, recommends to spend 10 minutes cleaning the living room and kitchen each then spend 5 minutes cleaning up the bathroom.

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“In the bathroom, wipe down the counters, shine the mirrors and clean the toilet. If you have products on the counter, find a place to store them.

“When you only have a few minutes, a clutter-free room looks cleaner, even if it’s not,” Holderman told The Post.

“In the kitchen, wipe down counters, load the dishwasher and sweep the floors. For living room spaces, sweep or vacuum floors and dust surfaces.”

Its also recommended to create a quick yet effective cleaner by combining dish soap with any degreasing agent to clean off surfaces.

For those foul odors, that maybe caused by the trash, food waste or a dirty pet area, Holderman told The Post that its better to get rid of the waste instead of trying to mask the smell with spray deodorizer.

“Most deodorizers mask the odors without eliminating them,” she told The Post. “Additionally, these can be unsafe, because spray droplets are large and can be inhaled.”

This could cause breathing issues for someone with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Once those odors are taken care of Jamie Novak, who is a professional cleaner and author of a book called Keep This Toss That, recommends filling your home with a more natural scent from candles or place cinnamon sticks or lemon slices into a pot of water and letting that simmer.

Lastly, your attention should focus on cleaning up kids’ messes and general clutter. If your children are old enough to clean up on their own, give them tasks to do.

For younger children, turning the cleaning into a fun game maybe more effective, Novak told The Post.

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Small piles can also be covered with a throw blanket to make the cleaning process move faster.

Make sure to focus on areas that will be visible to your guests.

Putting away miscellaneous items in little storage areas can help you stay organized


Putting away miscellaneous items in little storage areas can help you stay organizedCredit: Getty Images

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