Soft neutrals and clean lines make for a soothing workspace.

When Covid-19 sent the world into lockdown and made in-person offices unsafe, many people — including Katie — had to improvise to make their kitchen counters, living room couches, and bedrooms double as office spaces. While many offices are open again, remote work seems like it’s here to stay, for at least part of the time, along with all those makeshift workstations.

That’s why recently, Katie worked with the team at Jenni Kayne Home to make her work-from-home setup permanent, converting a bedroom that was no longer needed into a bright and airy office space that follows Jenni Kayne’s design philosophy of simplicity and functionality.

“When it comes to a home office, this idea of ‘thoughtful design’ really rings true,” Kayne told KCM. “You don’t want anything to feel cluttered or forced, so I find that it’s best to focus on the essentials and then add in decorative touches that showcase your personality. You’re hoping to create a space that you’ll be excited to return to every day.”

Katie spoke with the team at Jenni Kayne Home about her new home office, her ideal work atmosphere, and where she finds daily inspiration.

Jenni Kayne Home: This office is a dream. What was your initial vision? Did you have any particular hopes for how you’d spend your time here?

Katie Couric: I think many of us were looking for ways to change things up at home, especially after spending a year locked up in the same four walls. John and I had started talking about converting one of the bedrooms into an office when we realized working from home was here to stay. And now that all of our kids are grown up with apartments — and for Ellie, a home — of their own, we decided the time was right.

I wanted the room to be clean and calming, a bit of an oasis from the frenetic energy of New York City — which is exactly how I would describe Jenni Kayne’s aesthetic!

As someone who’s had her share of traditional in-office spaces, what are some of the key differences between those and this at-home office?

My offices at NBC, CBS, and then ABC doubled as my hair and makeup space, so they were filled with the nonstop chatter of colleagues-turned-friends. From my first day anchoring the TODAY show to the last taping of my talk show, my office was abuzz with camaraderie. The KCM team is back to the office a few days a week now — which I really appreciate, I love being with people in person — but a ton of our work is still done at home. 

My at-home office needs to be aesthetically pleasing enough for a Zoom background, be filled with enough furniture so the acoustics of the room can accommodate my podcast recordings, and (of course) be comfortable, even cozy. Lucky for me, this new space hits all the right notes!

Whether it’s design, career, or creativity-oriented, where do you find yourself turning for inspiration?

I’m a voracious reader, and love being up to date with everything going on in the world. But inspiration strikes when I’m on a walk or in the shower — away from distractions, with time to reflect and contemplate. I’m trying to be better about leaving my phone at home when I don’t need it and really being present. I’ll keep you posted — and try not to post — about the results! 

What small things are bringing you joy lately?

Right now, and always, flowers from my garden. A simple bouquet can completely transform a room. Blue hydrangeas, pink dahlias, yellow lilies—I feel so lucky whenever I’m surrounded by bright blooms.

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