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This is a Housekeeping Training Video (Step By Step Standard Housekeeping)
This one is simple but very helpful for all beginners trying
to learn basic bed making in Housekeeping.
Goodluck and keep learning.
Thank you for watching and thanks to Miss Jackie.

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Phase Three by Huma Huma

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  1. I'm sitting out for a well deserved break from my house keeping job as I type this. The rooms are nice …but sparse…floors are linoleum. Glass shower doors that overlap when they're closed are a NIGHTMARE to clean and no one has come up with a solution yet as to how to get the soap scum out from between them. Short of removing the sliding door I see no solution either. And you OBVIOUSLY can't remove a door a room as you clean every day! After making sure the bed is changed and looking nice, cleaning the shower and tub, fully stocking everything, wiping everything down then sweeping and moping… It takes me 40 mins minimum

  2. I'm a housekeeper for 11 years and definitely I can finish it on 10mins or less but less quality if the hotel management prefer that kind of work paced then it will be less quality but finish on time, so if they want it perfectly housekeeper should spend more time on it to check and clean everything unless they gonna provide more staff per room,.

  3. Im now a housekeeper and have worked for 3 month.. In the hotel i was the only housekeeper staff .. At least 10 above i must do a day .. Imagine my boss and manager told me to clean a family suite room with 1 king bed and 2 single bed .. For less than 30 min .. Damn it so stupid .. More worse when the guess checkout late and another guess already wait to checkin

  4. This will be my first time working as a housekeeper in Yellowstone National Park, I’m so nervous I’m on here doing some research before I go at the end of the month. Any tips?

  5. Sheets are not pressed she making this bed with used sheets
    Room attendants do this all the time that it's now normal and ok
    Not to my standards
    ❤Marriott attendants unfold clean linens onto beds daily especially for a short simple video…..the ending of this video I must say is meeting the original STANDARDS 😀 I'm happy to see this till the end GREAT JOB on keeping it PROFESSIONAL 👍😀

  6. I was a housekeeper and it was hard, I'm not a fast person, I struggled a lot, I can't imagine to have30 minutes and also having to make an origami xD.

  7. Kalau aku simpan lagi cantik ni hahaha jenis aku tak minat tengok berkedut ii nak kemas rapi jer hahahah bodoh kan aku bila dah kemas rela tido kat bawah bagi atas tu kosong sbb dh siap kemas kan

  8. I just started and I work tomorrow and I’m really nervous of messing up I was working 9am- midnight running around like a crazy person getting tortured my coworkers who had the slightest bit of power over me for years and I finally got an opportunity to change my life I’m really scared of messing up though and looking dumb but I’d rather move forward there’s a man who always pops up on my feed and he says you will not succeed being in your comfort zone so get comfortable with not being comfortable. He also said anything that’s pushing you back is just dirt and you need the dirt to grow into a beautiful flower

  9. Housekeeping is not a good job. Low pay with washing dirty toilets everyday and we're not talking about 1 or 2 per day. Plus after wash need to WIPE 100% DRY. Imagine u even need to wipe toilet bowl and inside sink. The bed is wasting time. Many in my cases guest just pull everything over to sleep. They dont even bother if u tuck in the bedsheet or not. U can get another job with the same payment. Not to mention when front desk asst gets rude about our rooms not done.

  10. Why she dont do this fast so we can learn how to build that 30 min to clean the room. Rushing someone to do their work and expecting perfect standards and if no then you are told that you are not good enough that's just not right and should not be this way.


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