Although originally a native of Mexico, dahlias have become a British classic. A few years ago though, they fell out of favour with gardeners who thought of them as an old fashioned, gaudy and time consuming plant their great granddads grew on their allotments.

Fortunately after decades in the doldrums, they are enjoying a revival due to their vast colour range and fantastic flower power – those with single blooms are also a magnet to bees and butterflies. This has made them a real crowd pleaser and popular garden plant.

We visited Sarah Raven’s cutting garden in east Sussex where she grows an incredible range of dahlias.

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  1. Hi Sarah, I have just taken over the chores needing done in our gardens due to my wife's illness! I see my neighbours gardens full of these glorious colourful flowers which I would like to grow and show in my gardens! When is the best time to plant Dahlias seeds and holy hock seeds? I live in Scotland, so the temperature will differ from down south! Many thanks!

  2. Hi Sarah, I just planted today dahlia bulbs and to my surprise seen this video, very nice flowers, thanks for sharing. I am from the Philippines but living here in UK. I subscribe to your channel cos I want to learn more about planting flowers.

  3. I livebilder Gotthenbug, and se have just 5degrees in day. Its my firat year whith dahlias and I love them like my grandfather. They grow right now really well but tjey want to go out in the garden ore something else. Its 5 degrees celcius now. Do you think I should try to pur them in the garden whith Done protektion?


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