Come November, and my house is covered in one thing: dog hair. And this is the situation for nearly all of winter. This also means my dog needs regular brushing, an area where we are admittedly lacking. So, when Dyson suggested I try out their new pet grooming tool, along with their V12 detect slim vacuum cleaner, I was curious. And a little worried. My dog is not a fan of vacuum cleaners, and I wasn’t sure if he would let me even use the machine. But, he was surprisingly accepting of the new gadget being used to groom him. Here’s my review of the Dyson V12 and the company’s pet grooming tool.

Dyson Pet Groom tool attachment review 

The Dyson Pet Groom tool is compatible with most of the older Dyson vacuum cleaners. In fact, before this, I used it with my personal Dyson V10. This is ideal for grooming medium and long-haired pets. If you have a Husky, German Shepherd, or Golden Retriever, then this could make grooming easier. The manual mentions that it is not meant for some dogs, like poodles, or those whose fur is curly and entangled.

The kit comes with the tool, an extension hose that ensures you can plug it into the machine, and a quick-release adapter. Dyson says this brush has “364 slicker bristles angled at a 35-degree flex to an upright position as you brush.” You can also use the brush without turning on the vacuum, so it collects the hair. Post-grooming, turn it on to suck up the hair stuck to the brush.

My dog is a Jack Russell terrier, with medium hair and a thick coat. When I used the tool with him, he remained calm. I also used the vacuum cleaner at the lowest possible settings. I will stress again it is critical that your dog remains calm if you plan to use a tool that they might be scared of. I noticed the brush did collect a fair amount of pet hair—though perhaps not as much as a regular brush would have collected. Still, this is a convenient tool to get rid of some dog hair if you are in a rush. Of course, if you have a bigger dog, like a Husky, the process is longer, because they shed a lot.

Dyson V12 review, Dyson V12 price in India, Dyson V12 laser feature, Dyson V12 specifications The Dyson Pet tool is seen in this photo. (Image via Dyson)

However, Dyson’s tool is not just about collecting hair. The company claims the vacuum can also collect invisible dander and dead skin flakes, which can be a problem and cause allergies.

The tool kit costs Rs 9,900, which is on the higher side, but then so are most other Dyson products. The one reason I would consider this tool is that I assume the brushes will last longer than the conventional dog brushes I typically pick up. The problem is that whenever the season changes and my dog is shedding, the old hair brush is covered in his hair, its bristles are broken, and you need to get a new one. No one has the time to clean that dirty old brush. The Dyson one is definitely a quicker way to do the job because the hair is not flying everywhere while one is brushing the dog.

The only uncomfortable bit is holding that vacuum in one hand, along with attachment in the other hand, to brush the dog. And if your pet is not in the mood to stay still, you will feel frustrated.

Dyson V12 review, Dyson V12 price in India, Dyson V12 laser feature, Dyson V12 specifications Dyson V12’s laser in action. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

Dyson V12 vacuum cleaner review: Clean your house in the dark

Everywhere the green light shone, one could see dirt, some of it weeks old, and a lot of dog hair. That green light is the laser on the Dyson V12’s main floor cleaner attachment. This laser will show exactly how filthy those floors are in your house. And boy, I was shocked.

In fact, this is one product which was fun to test out in the dark. I would remove all the carpets, shoes, etc from my room, turn off the lights, and pull down the blackout curtains as I used this in my house in the evening. The results were enough to convince me that perhaps the good old broom needs to die when it comes to cleaning our Indian homes. We are living under layers of dust, much of it hidden from the naked eye. It is satisfying to use this as well, almost therapeutic. I find the Dyson a good way to stay active, as cleaning with this feels no less than a workout. It also makes me wish Dyson also attached a laser to the carpet cleaning attachment.

The battery performance of this cleaner surprised me as it lasted quite a long time. I must caution that I used this mostly in the Eco mode, which is meant to preserve the battery. But I charged this only once, and I used it often during the week, especially when I returned home from work.

Dyson V12 review, Dyson V12 price in India, Dyson V12 laser feature, Dyson V12 specifications Dyson V12 has a digital display which shows the kind of particles it is picking up. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The Dyson V12 also comes with a digital display, which shows the details of the kind of particles it is picking up. This certainly fancier compared the V10, which has no such display.

My major problem with the Dyson V12 is the bin where the dirt gets collected. The bin size is drastically reduced compared to my V10. You are constantly worried about hitting the ‘max’ mark on the bin too quickly as this is the mark you are not supposed to cross when using these cleaners. I found myself constantly opening and dumping the dirt and dust from the cleaner into the main dustbin. And the dirt levels quickly add up when you run the Dyson over carpets, which appear to be dust magnets.

Should you get it?

If you have a pet, such as a Husky, investing in the Dyson Pet Groom tool will make sense. The tool is expensive, but it can make taking care of your dog a much easier task. But make sure your pet is okay when something like this is being used. This tool is also compatible with older Dyson cleaners, so you are sorted on that front.

The Dyson V12 is a good vacuum cleaner, powerful no doubt, and a reminder that Indian homes are covered in dust, despite our best efforts. Frankly, I wish the laser attachment could be compatible with the older cleaners, and maybe Dyson does that in the future. I would happily buy such an attachment, even if it has a high price. If you have been waiting to buy a new Dyson cleaner for a while, then get the V12. You will love it, especially if you find cleaning an enjoyable task. Those with existing Dyson cleaners don’t need to upgrade, given they are also efficient cleaning tools.

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