Get ready, 9-1-1 fans: It sounds like Eddie (Ryan Guzman) is going to floor us all in the next few weeks.

After surviving a gun shot and battling PTSD on the Fox drama, fans have watched as the former firefighter has started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While he “still has a little bit of a journey left,” he’s never been one to run away from helping those in need. After Buck (Oliver Stark) gave Eddie the chance to see Charlie (Christian Ganiere) again, the last person he rescued before putting down his 118 gear, it seemed to have sparked something inside of him.

As fans know, Buck reassured Eddie that it was OK to want to rewrite moments — like being there for the young boy and subsequently getting shot — but some are meant to work out the way they do. Following that emotional scene, 9-1-1 fans who stuck around at the end of last week’s season 5 episode might have seen a 30-second promo of what’s going to happen next on the procedural series. But what wasn’t shown was Eddie’s next chapter in healing.

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Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Kristen Reidel gave viewers a glimpse of what the now-Los Angeles Fire Department liaison will overcome in the coming weeks. According to Kristen, Eddie is ready to start healing in a different way that doesn’t involve just him. “I think that you’ll see Eddie, having healed, is able to be there for Bobby [Peter Krause] in a way that maybe nobody else expected,” she told the outlet.

Folks might remember the intense argument Eddie had with Bobby when he asked to return to the firehouse. Although he had only resigned for a few days, the captain turned him down and advised him to use the time to address unresolved trauma from his time as an army medic in Afghanistan. In a surprising twist, Eddie lashed out at Bobby.

“When [the department] was coming for you and they were trying to fire you, I had your back,” he said on the show. “I supported you. And now you’re trying to turn on me? You’re going to stand there with 100-something bodies on you and tell me I’m not fit for duty? Go to hell, Bobby!”

While Bobby might have thought that Eddie’s trouble stemmed from his army days, Kristen revealed that isn’t exactly true. “His problems, the way he sees himself, and the way that he sees his place in the world, did not start with the military,” she told EW. “It goes back a little further than that. We’re going to see some of that near to the end of the season.”

Given that the season 5 finale of 9-1-1 is airing on May 16, it won’t be long now before we find out how Eddie helps Bobby.

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