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Ready & Responsive to the needs of our community procuring victory over all things unclean

Established in Tallahassee

We are a small business with big dreams. Our aim is to become a beacon of light for Tallahassee and surrounding areas, providing our community with integrity and new found quality service. We have a vision of growth and success not only in our business, but also in our neighborhoods and homes. Prosperity comes through health, and health ties with cleanliness. It only makes sense to keep our homes, streets and lives rid of filth. As a company, Katharos Cleaning Services is positioning to become a leader of renovation in our city and we understand it takes a lot of happy clients to support a premier reputation. So we’ve geared up to clean up introducing legend Kirby vacuums, unique chemical solutions, intro and quarterly training programs combined with our proudly presented 100% Better Business Guarantee that is sure to please.


no more excuses tallahassee

Lets clean it up.


MEET OUR TEAM...they are always up to something good!

Alicia W.

Determined and full of energy there is nothing that can't be accomplished with our assistant at task.

Katharos Crew
Pro Cleaners

Our trained and friendly staff are ready to serve your home or business with the quality care you deserve.

Malachi H.
Business Owner

Dedicated to the health and success of our community through professional cleaning and excellent service.